Penthouse | 445 sq.m.

Penthouse | 445 sq.m.

2 units available, 12th and 14th floors

For only a privileged few who prefer living the life at its finest... The Penthouse is where the most exceptional picture-perfect vista of Lumpini Park brings in all natural indulgence. The ample family space imbued with an abundant convenience and comforting sense of elegant living. The spacious foyer will welcome your guests to savor an atmospheric 15-meter semi-outdoor Grand Terrace before proceeding to the Wine Cabinet for ideal storage of the finest vintages... the prestige of living pleasure.

2 Bedroom | 230 sq.m.

2 Bedroom | 230 sq.m.

4 units available. 10th -11th floors

Craft your living... with a touch of luxury from the very first moments, a stately Living Room of generous proportions. The unit is meticulously floored with decked out in 6-inch genuine teakwood boards, premium marble tiles imported from Greece and furnished with world-class brand. The tall safety glass windows are installed to allow full view and fresh air. The Pantry and Kitchen feature an island offering both space and functionality for the hygienic joy of cooking.

3 Bedroom | 230 sq.m.

3 Bedroom | 230 sq.m.

14 units available. 3rd-9th floors

To provide both stylishness and comforting privacy, the three-bedroom units are designed with separate bathroom. The Master Bedroom provides a Walk-in Closet where extra space can be adapted either to multipurpose area or a secluded working corner. The laundry/cleaning area and maid's quarter are sequestered to relish the sense of spaciousness of the unit.


  • Entrance on Sarasin Road and Langsuan Road
  • Drop-off
  • Residence Lobby
  • Visitor Parking

12th-14th FLOOR PLAN

* Penthouse: 445.15 sq.m.


* Fitness Room

* Rooftop Residence Lounge

* Rooftop Swimming Pool

3rd-9th FLOOR PLAN

* 3 Bedroom: 230.28 sq.m.


* 2 Bedroom: 230.28 sq.m.